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Gettin' the Word Out

In case you didn't read it in suburban_jungle, SJ is seven years old this month! As this is a pretty significant milestone for any comic, much less a webcomic, I decided I'd start tossing out some press-release-like objects to various appropriate sites.

At which I point, I stopped, blinked a few times, and thought, "Like where?"

I submitted it to Flayrah, a furry news site (and I see that they've run it, w00t!), and I'm going to have a Keenspot newsbox on Friday that will feature it, but I'm not sure where else. I'm open to suggestions!

It occurs to me, that I could really use a publicist.

And more tasty biscuits. I wonder if demiurgent takes bribes. ;)

-The Gneech, who needs to create some new, fresh banner ads for SJ as well
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