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Hooray, I Didn't Suck!

Well, for my Valentine's Day prezzie, we got a pair of Red Octane Ignition 3.0 pads for DDR.

Wow, what a difference! At least now, when my score tanks, it's 'cause I sucked, not 'cause the controller did. ;)

We (well, mostly I) played for about 1/2 an hour. I managed to get a B on "Brick House" on Beginner, and a C on Light. I also got a B on "Baile La Samba" on Light -- which is actually much easier than Beginner. ("Baile La Samba" is too dang slow on Beginner!)

I tried to incorporate bauske's suggestion of stepping from pad to pad instead of returning to the middle (although you have to return to the middle for repeat steps, obviously).

I also tried "Baile La Samba" on Standard -- HOLY CRAP!!! I don't see how that's even physically possible, much less achievable by mere mortals.

My theory is that everyone who says they managed to finish any song on Standard, much less get a decent score, is a Big Fat Liar. And until I witness somebody do it with my own eyes, I'm keeping to that theory.

So anyway, now we've got a pair of wireless Datel pads to foist off on somebody. Anybody want 'em, cheap? ;P

-The Gneech
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