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Tuesday Workout Report (The Hell??? Edition)

My workout tonight was in two parts. The first, before dinner, was 1/2 hour of DDR on the new pads.

Get me! I got two consecutive A's on "Burning For You" on Light! I got a B and a smattering of C's and D's on various other tunes as well. Per eskermikey's suggestion, I pretty much did everything on Light and didn't bother with Beginner at all. I can see what he was getting at ... most of the songs have too much "stand there waiting for an arrow" in Beginner mode.

So, as you might guess, I was jazzed with that. Unlocked a song, too. ^.^ I realize, that getting A's on Light isn't much in the grand scheme of DDR, but for my fourth time at it and second on halfway decent pads, I was pretty darn pleased.

Later, came the Bowflex.

Rows: 3 mins @ 55 lbs (warmup)
Flat Barbell Bench Press: 1 set 10 reps @ 80 lbs
Narrow Pulldowns: 1 set 10 reps @ 55 lbs
Triceps Pushdown: 1 set 10 reps @ 45 lbs
Bench Press: 1 set 10 reps @ 60 lbs
Seated Lat Rows: 1 set 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Rear Deltoid Row: 1 set 10 reps @ 40 lbs
Chest Fly: 1 set 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Deadlift: 1 set 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Military Press: 2 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Gungbu / Long Stance: 1 min ea. side
Rows: 3 mins @ 35 lbs (cooldown)

Body Weight: 302 lbs (the hell???)

I just don't get what's going on with my weight. I know that it's natural to fluctuate. I know that different clothes will have an effect. But these wild swings are just messing with my head. 295 one day, 302 less than a week later? You'd think I would notice that much change, wouldn't you? Worst of all, there doesn't seem to be any general trend one way or the other. I'm not gaining, I'm not losing, I'm just bouncing in place. Argh. :P

Oh well. I am visibly toning up, I'm gaining all kinds of strength, and my cardiovascular ability is rapidly improving. Bungee weight or not, I'm improving, so I'll take it.

-The Gneech

PS: I'll be posting new art in suburban_jungle in just a few minutes. xydexx take note!
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