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I've got to decide what to do re: Comic-Con this year. Normally, Dragon*Con is my "go purely for fun and blow a wad of money" con. However, this year I may be spending a lot of time at the Plan 9 table at D*C, as Jeff Darlington won't be there and Bill and Bruce will probably really want the extra hand. This would turn D*C into more or less a working con, which a) mitigates the cost (but probably does not eliminate it), and b) eats up some of the "vacationey" aspect.

This might free up funds for Comic-Con, not to mention making a vacation trip more desirable. But the problem is that Comic-Con comes first -- so if I'm going to go to it, I kinda have to make that decision by the end of this month.

Thoughts, anyone?

-The Gneech
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