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This Poolhall is Made of LOVE AND PEACE!!!

hantamouse, jamesbarrett, pholph, laurie_robey and I all went over to the New! Improved! Breakers Billiards tonight and checked it out. (Alas, camstone and mooivos couldn't make it.)

Was it the same Breakers we used to know and love? Well, no, not exactly. It had been given a clubby sort of facelift, now with a dance floor and big screen TVs showing ESPN all over the place ... but on the other hand it wasn't that different from what it used to be like, either. It was still a fairly pleasant, clean, and affordable poolhall -- thankfully free of Achy Breaky Heart syndrome, ratty old tables, and beer spilled everywhere. All of the tables were new and in beautiful shape.

Since there were five of us, we played in teams with one person sitting out each time ... five games total with everybody playing four. pholph was clearly the most skilled player, but we all had a few good shots. :) We all had some lousy ones, too. ;)

Favorite moment of the evening: jamesbarrett lining up for a super-easy shot, with pholph standing at the pocket motioning like those guys who stand on airport runways with the little orange flashlights.

All in all, it was much fun and I hope to do it again in the not-too-distant future. :) Thanks for coming, everybody!

-The Gneech

PS: OH! I almost forgot to mention! Before we went over there, laurie_robey and I fired up DDR for a few minutes. I consistently get A's on Burning For You on Light now, and tried a few random other songs that I didn't do as well on, but I got a C on She's a Brick House. I also passed my first ever Standard song (Burning For You again). I got a D, but hey, I passed! Huzzah for making progress. ^.^

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