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Evil Dead

From "Hell" by The Squirrel Nut Zippers...

In the afterlife
you could be headed for
the serious strife
Now you make the scene all day
but tomorrow there'll be hell to pay...

I do ponder the afterlife from time to time. The views of my friends on the subject range from, "Of course there's an afterlife, don't be stupid!" to "Of course there's no afterlife, don't be stupid!" with a lot of, "I don't really know, but I hope there's one..." thrown in.

I have mentioned before that I seem to believe in reincarnation, for reasons which I've never been able to articulate ... it's just sorta a base assumption I've had since I was a kid, and I have yet to see any compelling evidence to the contrary. I admit there's not much in the way of compelling evidence in support of it, either, but I'm not out to prove it to anybody. No skin off my nose what they believe. :)

Anyway, when I get really stressed, as I have been the past week, I begin to think about metaphyshical shtuff, possibly as something to distract me from the less-than-pleasant physical world in front of me. I wonder, sometimes, if reincarnation is true, how it works ... and just what it is that gets reincarnated. Is there some core personality that gets wiped clean every time? Is this existence just an aspect of some larger being, like one of my RPG characters is just an aspect of myself? Was there some set of experiences I needed to go through, and chose to go through this particular life to get them? Is there some form of existence in between where I remember my various lives?

If any of these are true, then how did it get that way, and why?

And if none of them are true, then why do I have this idea that at one of them probably is?

How much of my, um, "me-ness" is tied up in my body? I perceive the world via my eyes ... I interact with the world via my hands ... my thoughts, my actions are all influenced by my mood, which in turn manifests in the form of brain chemistry -- but that chemistry can be altered by external forces, thus "artificially" changing my mood, and my actions. Does that mean I'm just a robot? I sure don't like the sound of that -- but why do I care?

Now the "D" and the "A"
and the "M" and the "N"
and the "A" and the "T"
and the "I - O - N!"
Lose your face,
lose your name,
then get fitted for a suit of flame!

The world may never know. :) Maybe the next one will instead! ;)

-The Gneech
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