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'Cause It's a Thriller

Turns out that Hotmail address is good for something after all ... it gives me a "Micro$oft Passport" account, so I can sign up for Radio.MSN, and finally find some '80s music on the radio! Since the death of radio.sonicnet, I've been depending on my CD collection for music at work, and while I've got a pretty good selection, I do eventually get tired of the same 30 songs.

New Wave! Like ohmygawd! Heeheehee. :) This is just the pick-up I needed.

I wonder if I can create a custom station that squashes the '80s pop, new wave, and alternate stuff into a single playlist, so I don't have to switch around.

Hmm ... MSN Radio doesn't seem to have a "skip this track" function, unfortunately. Gag me with a Ginsu!

-The Gneech, fer sure
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