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Happy Gneech =^.^=

My moods are odd beasts; this time last night, I was in moroseness hell, but now I am a happy, happy guy. There are a few reasons for this...

  1. Shirtiness: mammallamadevil, the Official Suburban Jungle T-Shirt Maven, has made arrangements for 50 "Tiffany: I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" shirts to be ready for Dragon*Con. I'll post an official announcement, unviel the design, and make arrangements for pre-orders on this sometime in the next two weeks. You RULE, Mammallamadevil!

  2. Tiffarellaness: kelloggs2066 has sent me previews of next week's strips, and I laughed so hard, I broke all my furniture![1] Funny, funny stuff. :) You also RULE, Scott!

  3. PowerPuff Girliness: I saw an episode of PPG that I hadn't seen before, with the girls having to solve several riddles set by HIM, or else "The Professor will pay!" It was a great episode for two major reasons: the first was that it was filled to the brim with Big Trouble in Little China references[2], right down to practically stealing Carpenter's soundtrack; the second was that it had a terrific ending which I won't spoil. Very predictable "twist ending" gag, but the girls' and the narrator's reaction were priceless! You also RULE, Powerpuff Girls!

  4. Weird Al Yankiness: I have a double-handful of contacts converging on Comic-Con with instructions to get Weird Al, if he shows up again this year, to autograph a copy of La Vida Panthera, so he'll see himself rendered as a hamster. Which just makes me happy. You also RULE, Weird Al!

  5. Hugh Jackmanness: Laurie and I watched the "director's cut" of Kate & Leopold this evening. The director's cut, which essentially consists of a few extra scenes at the beginning, is slightly better than the final version -- but "Kate" is still a dull-as-dirt character, and Meg Ryan still looks like she's going through the motions, but Hugh Jackman is still terrific! You RULE, Hugh!

I imagine there are other reasons as well, but those are the ones that I can name off the top of my head. Now it's time for "Go to bediness," so I'm off to do that. Have a terrific night, everyone. :)

Happiness RULES! ;)

-The Gneech

[1] Three bonus points to whomever can name that reference.

[2] Big Trouble In Little China is, if not my all-time favorite movie, one of the top five. If you want to understand me -- to really understand me, watch Big Trouble In Little China.

You won't understand me any better, but you will have still seen a great movie.
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