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Soon, My Comics Shall TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! *schwinnggg!*

Tonight's would-be appointment with the counselor has been postponed, giving me an unexpected evening off to work on stuff. W00t! And since I made sure to get tomorrow's strip done last night, I have lots of flexibility.

Oh yes, it's all coming together nicely!

So, here's the triumphant return of the Too Much To Do List™! Items are roughly in order by when I want them finished.

  • hbar98 commish -- cowboy!

  • Rory Badge

  • SJ strips for 2/27 - 2/29

  • NN model sheets #3: General Blither

  • New button/shirt: "Official LEONA fanboy!"

  • Dragon*Con plans finalized/Bill H. conf call

  • Compile promo targets

  • SJ scripts for 3/13 - 3/20

  • Jadeclaw scenario outline? (this is entirely subject to time availability)

  • CAKE Front Cover

  • NN model sheets (cont'd)

  • Mako badge

  • CAKE Back Cover

  • Rose commish

  • CAKE #2 - 5

  • CD "broke my brain" stuff

  • mooncat badge

  • pholph commish

  • New banner ads for SJ and NN

  • mammallamadevil commish

  • CAKE #6 - 10

  • CD annual

  • Kamau, JadedFox badges/icons

  • rebuild / pull AOL sites

  • site?

  • SJ Book 5

Wow, have I forgotten anything through the end of 2006? 0.o

-The Gneech
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