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Why Are You Badgering Her? Can You Not Tell She Is Sexy???

Went with laurie_robey and jamesbarrett to see The Pink Panther. Well done! They really nailed the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers feel, without just "making a copy" of what came before. The weakest part, IMO, was Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus, which is not any reflection on Kevin Kline, it's just that he wasn't really right for the part. Of course, I didn't expect him to be another Herbert Lom any more than I expected Steve Martin to be another Peter Sellers, but his version was a little too "slick weasel who gets his comeuppance" rather than "hardworking career man cursed to endure Cleuseau or go mad trying."

That's just a minor nitpick with what I think is a very good Pink Panther flick. It hit all the right notes, didn't have any of the random "long, unexpected boring parts" that plagued the early PP films, and didn't have any of the "wow, this is totally unfunny" parts that plagued the last of the Sellers and post-Sellers PP films. It's very nice to have a movie be better than I was expecting. :)

I should say a word here about the previews that came before it. There are a lot of really lame-looking comedies on the way. Pink Panther is supposed to be goofy, dumb fun, yes? Well these previews made Pink Panther look like dry, intellectual wit. Yikes. (The movies in question were Bench Warmers, The Shaggy Dog, Nacho Libre, RV, and Madea's Family Reunion. Even the least awful ones, looked really awful.)

I also saw a trailer in the lobby for The Wild. This is all I've got to say about that:


...I don't care how cool the lion looked.

So anyway, to sum up: Pink Panther good. Lame previews bad. Thank you and good night.

-The Gneech
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