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Happy Birthday, athelind!

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English!

A thin, circular pudding, made of flour and water, put into the pot while the other contents are cooking.
-W. H. Long's Dictionary of the Isle of Wight Dialect, 1886

Pancake Day
In Britain, the Tuesday before Lent began was long looked on as a day for preparing and consuming pancakes. Martha Bradley's The British Housewife, or The Cook, Housekeeper's and Gardiner's Companion (1756) offered the following advice for first-time pancake-flippers: "This is a thing very easy to a bold hand, but which a timerous person will never be able to do well. For such a one, she is to know that the first thing to be done is to get rid of her fear, and then a little practice will make it quite familiar. The best way to learn is this: Let a kitchen tablecloth be spread upon the ground at a small distance from the fire, and when the first pancake is ready for turning let the cook try to toss it over the cloth. If it falls in right, it is very well, and if not there is no harm done; it will be catched clean and may do for the servants' table."

All heart, was Martha Bradley.

-The Gneech
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