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Final Result

Well, I got Friday and Monday pencilled and inked the layouts. Not as much as I was hoping for, but I'm too tired to push on 'til 11:00 tonight. (Too bad, too, I was hoping to see a few more of my west coast peeps tonight, but it just wasn't in the cards.)

The good news is that tomorrow I won't have to crunch to get Friday's strip finished; the bad news is that I'll still have to work on it at all. I wanted to free up tomorrow night for portfolio work; the Too Much To Do List is backing up rapidly.

I may try to take off March 27th so I can have a day to myself; by that point I will have crawled and scratched my way back up to 37 hours of leave time ... not as much as I want to have in the buffer, but enough to work with. My periodic Hermit Days allow me to filter out all the noise of everyday life and concentrate on just creating, which is what I am going to need to keep on schedule later this summer.

-The Gneech
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