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From the "No Sh*t, Sherlock" Department

Those of you who watched a lot of "Tom and Jerry" over the years may remember an episode in which Tom, attempting to impress a kitty cowgirl, lipsynchs to Phil "Baloo" Harris's "If You're Ever Down In Texas, Look Me Up." Well, ever since I was a kid, there was a line in that song that's driven me nuts:

  "Am I right
  or am I riller?
  Man, this song's
  a killer-diller!"

For 30+ years I've been wondering what the hell "am I riller?" means -- and this morning it just clicked into place. He's singing about Texas. So it should be:

  "Am I right
  or Amarillo?
  Man, this song's
  a killer-diller!"

He's just slurring "Amarillo" to make a (very questionable) rhyme! Argh!

Curly, do you have any idea the mental anguish you've caused me over the years???

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