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One of the "Shorties" on Cartoon Network is a cool little thing about Jabberjaw, running around on a lunchbox. It almost never gets shown, which is a shame because it's definitely one of the best. The song is performed by a band called "Pain," and the name of the short is "Do Lunch."

Unfortunately, I discovered this morning, as I was searching for the lyrics, that "Pain" has broken up (or taken some Tylenol, one or the other), and so there is precious little info available about them. I remember a few lines; but if anybody has the rest, I'd appreciate being given a clue about them! :)

Me and my friends
get no respect
What does Scooby do
that we neglect?


Who's gonna talk like Curly
since Curly's not here?
Who's gonna fight the villains
then turn around and
run in fear?

Who's gonna save the world?
Who's gonna save the day?

-The Gneech, with memory like a sieve

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