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More On Mobs [gaming]

Following up on this post, it occurs to me that mobs would be a handy way to run mass combats, e.g., pirate boarding actions, or the "local action" around the PCs in a battle a la Helm's Deep. Mobs can easily overlap each other, so instead of either rolling dice for a hundred different mooks, or just handwaving the whole thing, you have the mob (or mobs, depending on the number of troops) on your side swarming over the mob(s) on their side, and the heroes and villains on either side joining in the fray as well.

You'd have to come up with some ad hoc rulings on stuff like archery fire (a mob of archers firing English-style creates an area-effect attack, perhaps?), but it could be a cool way for the PCs to really feel like they turned the tide (or lost the day) in a massive battle, rather than it being all decided beforehand by the GM.

Mind you, I've never been one who was interested in playing out an entire huge battle with thousands of troops on either side ... but it does make for a cool backdrop from time to time. (My Star Hero campaign's climactic adventure was an epic starship battle in orbit over Earth, with the PCs' role being to blast their way into a lunar base to defuse an orbit-destabilizing bomb. Think the opening sequence of Revenge of the Sith and you won't be too far off.)

-The Gneech
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