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May I Get a Word In Edgeways, Counselor?

Saw my counselor tonight; he did more talking than I did. Trying to convince me to sell t-shirts. Well duh. ;)

Hey, Graveyard Greg: I spoke up for you on the Keenspot private message list. It doesn't mean anything particulularilarlily, I just thought you'd like to know. :)

Me likes weather. It nice. :)

Still haven't been productive. Not going to be productive tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday, either, through no fault of my own. I sure would like the past two weeks back so I can start getting things done. :-`

Also, people at work keep making me do stuff. That wasn't part of the agreement, was it?

I have been squeezing in bits of Neverwinter Nights over the past few weeks. I am what I estimate to be about halfway through, currently wandering around the City of Luskan trying to find my way into the tower of the Wizards who rule the city. My character is 15th level (FTR 8 RGR 7) and frankly I'm bored out of my skull. There was a neat subplot about a city 'stuck in time' that I may steal for my own D&D game ... but it was the one highlight in what has otherwise been an increasingly dull dungeon crawl of a game.

I've been playing on the "normal" difficulty level, and my character has gradually gained +3 Everything, an effective STR 19 and DEX 26. I'd up the difficulty level of the game, except that all that would do is make it a bunch of boring combats that take even longer to finish. I'd restart the game and make a rogue/wizard multiclass character to make it more challenging and broaden my abilities ... except the storyline isn't interesting enough to go through it all again. Ugh.

I don't know how much of it is the fault of NWN itself, and how much is the fact that D&D just becomes terminally boring at high levels. By the end of Icewind Dale it had also started to become a matter of "wander in, kill everything that moves, wander off." All of that stealth and sniping my ranger was doing at the beginning of the game ... long gone. 'cause what's the point? Nothing can hurt me. Every once in a while I use the bow throughout the whole combat (opening myself to twenty attacks of opportunity for using a ranged weapon in the middle of a melee) just for the fun of standing toe-to-toe with the badguys and thwacking them with arrows at point-blank range.

Yawn. Can I just fast-forward to where the plot starts again, and we'll just take it as read that I killed all the monsters between Point A and Point B? If this was a real game with a live DM, I could at least engage in witty repartee with the wererats before I diced 'em.

Ah well. It's bedtime. Catcha later, all.

-The Gneech
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