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Hey, Fellow Web Coders...

So I'm building a site in ColdFusion in which there are data files (e.g., MS Word Documents) that are linked to for download in a password-protected area of the site. The problem is, since the files are not .CFM files, linking directly to them bypasses the "application.cfm" file and thus bypasses the password protection script.

So what I need to do is find some way to prevent people from figuring out the links, or to make it so that linking directly to the file doesn't work. While I don't think it's particularly likely that people who have been given password access are going to just send people direct links to these files right and left, I have to build the page assuming that sooner or later, due to malice or stupidity, they will.

So ... any suggestions?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not allowed to use Javascript.

-The Gneech
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