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A Few Random Notes

The following is a transcription of random notes I've been jotting down as I brainstorm.

Dramatic thrust - chase - WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT???

Dragons as intelligent dinosaurs?

"Wyrms" vs "dragons?"

Tablets written with secret knowledge of existence ... guarded by ? to keep them away from uppity mortals

Werewolves? Sphinges? A race of shapeshifters?

Mentor ... never ages, was never young ... timeless "master" ... cold and indifferent ... a dragon?

Broken sword / sword in stone / reforged sword motif? Sword-in-stone as unclaimed personal potential?

Clerics with tattoo of third eye -- "spirit eye?" -- all seeing pyramid?

Three high priests (god-kings?) rule an empire from a high tower; they maintain control with a magic crown that gives the wearer amazing clairvoyant powers over great distance; they have a network of acolyte informants and agents throughout the empire; on any given day, one of them wears the crown in turn, having power over the others (so no one of them will lord it too much over the other two)

King with a secret vault of gold ... its source is a magic spider that weaves a golden web

Lady of Swans ... Lady of the Lake ... Swan Cloak that enables flight

Winged support character ala Yue from Cardcaptors -- chased by gargoyles/harpies? In a race? Hero with magic talismans ala Clow Cards? Necklace with limited number of magic gems, each gem with a different power?

Necromancer king -- simply orders his dead soldiers to rise and fight again! Only way to win the war, is to kill him directly

Daedalus? Anti-Daedalus?

"If the ring quest required a pact with demons at the cost of one's immortal soul, the grail quest was a pact with angels at the cost of one's mortal body." --David Day, "Tolkien's Ring"

Nazgul-type as anti-hero?

Need something more original than "Kingdoms of good unite against dark lord, film at eleven."

# # #

"What would you have me do, then? Strike them down? Take the crown of rule for myself, and become just as much a tyrant? Such a role isn't for me."

"You're wrong -- the very fact that you don't want the role makes you perfect. You come from a land that has no kings. You come from a land where the only law is 'live peacably!' You don't hold the nobility in the strange awe that the people of this land do. You come from a land in which a lord who mistreats his vassals doesn't stay a lord for long -- because they won't stand for it! People must have rulers; it is the nature of man. The only thing that can be done ... the only thing that works ... is to minimize the damage those rulers can do, and to make sure at all times that the best person you can find is wearing the crown."

"No. You ask too much of me. My life is my own, and I mean to keep it that way."

# # #

-The Gneech
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