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Cute Kid. Evil, Though.

My first tipoff that something was wrong was that somebody was knocking on the bedroom door. That's not something that's supposed to happen. laurie_robey, who happened to be standing up at the end of the bed, gave me a somewhat surprised look, then went over and opened it.

On the other side was a little blond-haired boy, something like seven or eight years old, very normal looking. When he spoke, he had the voice of Joshua Seth, who I always think of as "Souichi Sugano" from eX-Driver but who might also be familiar to you as the voice of "Young Knives" from Trigun.

Anyway, Laurie said to him, "What are you doing here?" or something along those lines to indicate she wasn't real happy about the way he just let himself into the house, and I agreed with her. What was the point of knocking on the bedroom door after you'd already bypassed the front lock?

He said, in an amiable tone, "Hi there. I figured I'd better come by and talk to you in case you've killed anybody you weren't supposed to."

I had no clue what that was supposed to mean, but I knew it wasn't anything good. I jumped up out of the bed and was at the door in two steps. With a vehemence that surprised me, I ordered, "Get out! Get out of here right now and don't come back!"

"But I was just--" he said.

"I don't want to hear it!" I snapped. "Go on, beat it!"

He rather poutily went down the stairs and out of sight. Thinking that he might decide to lurk downstairs, I said, "Go on. I want to hear that door close!" A moment later, I was gratified to hear the door shut with a quiet, almost embarrassed click. Via remote viewing, I could tell that he was indeed outside and heading across the parking lot to places unknown.

At that point I woke up, with my limbs in a state of extreme torpor, as if they'd been disconnected for the night and would take a few minutes to start up again ... wondering what that was all about.

-The Gneech
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