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Alas, Poor CMFM

When Don was kind enough to name me "Guest of Honor" at the Cape May Furmeet before, I couldn't attend more than a couple of hours because my boss's wedding was that same Saturday night.

So this year, I was named GoH again (a very informal process which, I gather, involves Smrgol saying "How about Gneech?" and Don saying, "Sounds good to me..."), and the meet gets postponed until 2007. D'Oh!

But in a way, it's a good thing, because just one week away from CMFM's would-have-been date is Balticon, which we've never been to and have been meaning to give a shot. Since this year's GoH is Neil Gaiman (officialgaiman), and laurie_robey is a big fan of his blog (and his books too, to a lesser extent), it's a good year to go!

So we'll be there Saturday the 27th and part of Sunday the 28th. I think Bill Holbrook is planning to be there too, so I may hang out with him and do a few sketches for lunch money if time permits.

So if you'll be at Balticon, keep an eye out and give me a wave!

-The Gneech
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