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Another Update

At last report, Kaiser gave my dad some antibiotics for bronchitis and were running more tests today. Their theory about his dizziness and peculiar night-time behavior is that his lungs may not be processing enough oxygen for his brain. 0.o It doesn't help that my dad is so, er, "eccentric" that when you ask him a straightforward question like "How are you?" he'll say, "I'm completely out of my head," and you can't tell if he means it or if he's just goofing around.

Anyway, my Aunt Kay's funeral will be on Tuesday; my sister is arranging a post-ceremony get-together at Red Lobster rather than my mom's initial suggestion of "their house" -- not really feasible for more than, say, four people. (My parents are stressed enough as it is without trying to squeeze a bunch of extended family members into their house anyway.)

I'm a bit stressed myself, as you might guess, but better now than I was yesterday afternoon. Is it con yet?

-The Gneech
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