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Celedras Followup [gaming]

I painted a fig for Celedras last night; I'm pretty pleased with the results. It wasn't the fig I orinally planned to use, but it really suits him. (I'll probably post pics of my latest batch of painted minis when I finish one or two more.)

Also, I was looking over his stats and comparing his skill bonuses with some of the actual DC's of skill checks he's likely to want to make; I think he may need to take another level of rogue sooner than I planned in order to crank some of his skills up!

Here are some sample tasks I want Celedras to be able to do, and their DCs as per the SRD, for comparison...

Scramble Up a Giant and Fill Him Full o' Arrows: An accelerated Climb check of DC 20 or so plus an accelerated Tumble check of DC 25 to avoid attacks of opportunity from the giant. Celedras's fast acrobatics ability negates the penalties for accelerated movement, meaning I have to roll 10+ on Climb and 10+ on Tumble. Two average-or-better rolls in a single turn? That's pushing my dice-rolling ability. (The "fill him full o' arrows" part is a full attack action on the next turn; alas, without the OBI ability to avoid AoO's for ranged attacks, Celedras is likely to get creamed by the giant's AoO when he lets fly.)

EDIT: Of course, a better tactic against giants is to stay as far away as possible, I realize ... but the thought was inspired by the cave troll in Fellowship. If Celedras is forced into melee with a giant and just can't get away even with tumble, he's gonna fight defensively (giving him an AC of 27 thanks to agile fighting and Tumble) and stick with the one short sword at +8/+3.

Slide Down a Banister, Shooting: Effectively an Acrobatic Charge combined with a Balance check of DC 17. With Celedras's Balance +13, he needs to roll a 4 or higher. Not bad, I can probably do that one out of three rolls. (Remember, I can't roll dice.)

Snipe (shoot an arrow from cover and immediately hide again): Hide check of DC of opponent's Spot check, with a -20 penalty. With Celedras' +13, effectively d20 - 7 vs. their Spot check. D'Oh.

Leap Easily Over a 10' Chasm: Jump DC 20 for a standing long jump of 10'. Requires a roll of 6+. I can probably make that.

So it looks like Climb, Tumble, and Hide are the ones needing the most work. But I also need that ability to avoid AoOs for ranged combat, which means 2 levels of Order of the Bow Initiate!

-The Gneech
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