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For those who are interested...

Celedras, a.k.a. Nirodel
The primary Celedras fig. This is Nirodel from Reaper's Warlords line; I doctored the arm a bit to have him holding the bow at a slightly more dynamic angle from the default, and put the rocks on the base. The frosting problem is particularly noticeable on his boots, which were a nice rich red-brown when I painted them. It's less dramatic on his gloves, but still visible.

Celedras on Hyzenthlay, a.k.a. Legolas (mounted)
Celedras riding Hyzenthlay. This is Helm's Deep Legolas (Mounted) from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings game. I was particularly proud of the base on this one; the rocks and grass are all custom (the figures base is just a plain black circle). I also was fairly pleased with the pseudo-camo effect on his cloak of elvenkind. I tried to do a freehand of the gold embossing on the quiver of the Nirodel figure on this figure's quiver, but it just ended up looking like crap so I said "screw it" and just painted it brown. ;) The frosting problem on this fig is mostly visible on Hyzenthlay's tail, mane, and legs -- you can see the color Celedras' boots are supposed to be here, as opposed to the pic above.

Hyzenthlay solo. This is actually an ancient figure I inherited from satyrblade back in 1990 or so; who knows how long he had it. I was trying to suggest a gravel road with the base on this one -- but those edges were black when I painted 'em, dammit! Again, there's frosting issues on his mane, tail, and legs.

Galla, a.k.a. Sister Kendra
Galla Valentin, laurie_robey's Maenad psychic warrior in my new side-game. The figure is "Sister Kendra, Cleric of the Sun" from Reaper's Dark Heaven line. Maenads have shining "gem-like" deposits in their skin, sorta like metal freckles, which is why she has that "Lt. Data shiny face" thing going on. The metal distress on her shield is deliberate, to suggest that it's had a few whacks from enemy swords. The frosting is barely noticeable on her, mainly on the boots.

Digglet Pendernipper, a.k.a. Balto Burrowell
Digglet Pendernipper, a gnomish bard NPC who pops up in my main game from time to time in his vaguely-mech-like walking house. This figure is "Balto Burrowell" from the Reaper Dark Heaven line. This one I painted a while back, and he's always stood in the drawer rather than falling over and making contact with the drawer liner -- so of all the figs in this set, he's the only undamaged one! I was pleased with the salt-and-pepper effect in his hair, but that doesn't come through very well in the photo.

Mind flayer, a.k.a. D'Khul, Bathalian
A mind flayer, obviously. The figure is "D'Khul, Bathalian" from the Reaper Dark Heaven series. This is another one I did a while back, so it doesn't have frosting problems. But you see those big gaps in the paint on the back of his cloak? The paint is still in the drawer -- stuck to the drawer-lining foam. Le sigh. This was a pretty nice figure once.

It didn't occur to me until I was already posting that I forgot to take pics of the roper that assaulted the party a little while back; that one is also relatively free of damage. Oh well, I'll post it in the next batch, assuming there is a next batch.

-The Gneech
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