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More About Celedras [gaming]

I posted some thoughts about Celedras' writeup and his potential future development on the ENWorld boards and (aside from some snide remarks from the "You dare multiclass? Rules rapist!!!" crowd) got some interesting suggestions.

My current favorite (which actually I thought up during the course of conversation) was customizing Celedras' Ranger class so that it loses the Favored Enemy bonus in return for getting Evasion sooner and gaining Balance and Tumble as class skills; another option is using the optional Wild Cohort feat from the WotC site in order to keep Hyzenthlay on board and going pure Scout a la the Melfaeren writeup I did the other day. That would burn up feats quickly, tho, as he'd have to take Track, Two-Weapon Fighting, and Wild Cohort in order to retain his most important Ranger abilities.

The final option that appeals to me is making Celedras a Wood Elf, instead of a High Elf as he is now. That would require juggling his stats a bit (as Wood Elves get +2 Str, -2 Int), but it would give him Ranger as his favored class.

I'll chat w/ jamesbarrett about it and see if he has any input.

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