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Balticon Photos!

Courtesy of tchall. Thanks, shrinkyfox!

Peter S. Beagle (left) and Neil Gaiman (middle) being interviewed by a SF editor whose name escapes me (right). It looks like Neil is saying, "Can you believe the size of this woman's head?"
Neil Gaiman and Peter S. Beagle

Gene Wolf (left) and Neil Gaiman (right) being interviewed by another fellow whose name also escapes me. I suck with names.
Gene Wolf and Neil Gaiman

laurie_robey (left) and some dorky guy with a hat. Notice the "Warduke" t-shirt -- what a geek!
Laurie plus goofus.

Count Gore de Val of Creature Feature (a.k.a. "Captain 20" a.k.a. Dick Dyzsel) and a mindless zombie! Dick is awesome, I must say. :)
Count Gore and a mindless zombie!


-The Gneech
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