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Well, I brought it home and have been playing with it; I'm withholding full judgement until I get into it more, but I have found some problems right off the bat.

  1. Templates Not Supported. You can make characters of any monster type -- unless it is a templated monster. So no vampires, no ghosts, no liches, no weres. Say WHAT?

  2. No Non-Standard Classes. All core PC and NPC classes as well as DMG Prestige Classes are in there. And that's it. jamesbarrett's "Mystic" Prestige Class character (created by Monte Cook and published in Dragon magazine) cannot be written up using E-Tools. There is no class editor.

  3. The Help System Doesn't, And There's No Manual. Jump right into the deep end of the pool, kiddies, 'cause there's no other way to learn to use it.

Guess I'll check out PCGen next...

-The Gneech
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