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Some Stuff

Got some stuff done this weekend; saw X-Men 3, it was enjoyable. Slightly better than #2, not as good as #1. I kept wondering where all the "nothing but action" was, although the third act was good. :) Also, the stinger on the end was fun. :) Best line: "Oh, my stars and garters..." I can see why the next one is a Wolverine solo ... by the end of this one it was pretty much "The Wolverine Show, Guest-Starring the X-Men." Not knowing that much about X-Men continuity, I didn't have the "I can't believe you just did _____ to _____!" moments that so many others seemed to have, although I was certainly quite surprised by a few items.

Also finished Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for X-Box. I'm sorta ambivalent about this one; the good parts were actually quite good, but there were lots of boring and frustrating parts that kept getting in the way of those. The difficulty scale in particular was way out of whack, and large portions of the writing were weak. The story was interesting enough, but the dialogue was often atrocious. (And man oh man, does that elf chick blow hot-and-cold, or what?) I read a review that described it as "Final Fantasy set on Middle Earth" and from what little I know about FF, my guess is that's pretty accurate. The graphics were good enough to eat, I'll give it that much.

Most of the other stuff I got done this weekend was just errandy stuff, although I got a few more pages of [SECRET] written, which I need to send off to [SECRET].

Bed now! CYA tomorrow everybody.

-The Gneech
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