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Putty Tonight, Rocks Tomorrow...

One thing about trying to do miniatures right, it teaches you to take the long view of a project. If you include placing the order, I "started" this batch of horses I'm working on about three weeks ago.

As of tonight, I've cleaned up the casting flash, glued them to bases, built up putty around the bases to blend the join, and "accessorized" the bases a bit to help individualize them.

Tomorrow (hopefully), I'm going to add some rock texture to some of them (to create a "gravel road") and finish assembling the fence pieces I put on two of them; when the glue dries, they all get their primer coat.

Then I can start painting! Whee!

I've come a long way from my Crypt of the Sorcerer days (this isn't my copy, but this was the first gaming product I ever bought myself -- and I painted the figs about that well) ... but I've still got a long way to go...

-The Gneech

PS: Here's the second gaming product I bought myself. I'm noticing a pattern here. ;)
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