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Happy Birthday, tygercowboy

For your present, here's a "classic" bit of Forgotten English!

One who uses or drives an automobile; [c.1900. Sometimes clipped to autoist. Related to] automobilism, the use of automobiles, and automobilize, to habituate to the use of automobiles. "It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that Paris is becoming automobilized." Cosmopolitan, September 1898.
--William Craigie and James Hulbert's Dictionary of American English, 1940

Rolling Out the Rolls
On March 16, 1906, Rolls-Royce was incorporated by the twenty-nine-year-old balloonist and driving enthusiast Charles Stewart Rolls and the auto maker Fredrick Henry Royce, then renowned for his nearly silent, forty-to-fifty-horsepower six-cylinder engine. Two years later, the firm moved from Manchester to Derby to focus on producing the ultra-quiet Silver Ghost, the prototype of which had demonstrated in a fourteen-thousand mile nonstop road test that a gasoline-powered car could work as well as a steam-powered one. That same year, Woodrow Wilson, who was then serving as president of Princeton University, assailed the automobile as "a picture of the arrogance of wealth. ... Nothing has spread socialist feeling more than the use of the automobile."

Ruddy drivers, crushing us all under their imperialist thumbs!

-The Gneech
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