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John "The Gneech" Robey

Speaking of Archers [gaming]

Hey, people in my gaming group! Particularly camstone and jamesbarrett...

I just noticed for the first time that technically, you're not allowed to use a Longbow from horseback. I don't know if we've ever used that rule (I'm thinking of Jaer particularly), because I can't remember if Jaer's ever actually tried to do archery from horseback or if he's just dismounted at the beginning of every fight.

So do we stick with the rule-as-written or houserule it away? Theoretically, the D&D longbow is supposed to refer to the really long English-style longbow -- the typical 5' bow that Robin Hood et al. use is actually a shortbow. But shortbows only do d6, which is kinda depressing, and I've been thinking of the longbow as the 5' type, and the shortbow as the really small ones like ninja or halflings might use. So I'm willing to go either way, but I'd like to know your feelings on the subject.

(It also affects Celedras, as I'd have to shift his longbow-focused feats to shortbow-focused, but that's a relatively minor thing.)

What do you guys think? Maybe the English style longbow should be "True Longbow" and do d10 or something like that?

-The Gneech
Tags: archery, celedras, gaming
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