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Coattail Riding! Wheeeee!

Some folks on the Dungeon Magazine message boards, on finding out that I'm the same "John Robey" whose name appears in some of the Mage: The Ascension supplements, have been fansqueeing about it, which is always a nice feeling. ^.^

At the same time, however, I've been trying to get across to them that my part in Mage was fairly minimal and mostly indirect -- I was the primary GM for the gaming group that satyrblade and I were in back in the day, and I'm sure our various campaigns from then made lots of ripples in his work on Mage if only in terms of what makes a good game. But Mage was his baby, not mine. The actual pieces of Mage I wrote probably come to less than twenty-five pages worth of stuff at most in a line of some twenty (thirty, forty?) books.

Of course, it's a distinction that I doubt they really care about. They're Mage fans, not "John Robey" fans, so while it's gratifying to hear 'em go "Squee!" I have to recognize it for what it is. :)

-The Gneech
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