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On Friday, somebody (I forget who now, sorry) acting as a proxy for kuddlepup, invited me to be a panelist on "Anthropoly". This is a fun "gameshow"-style event that combines "Match Game" with "$20,000 Pyramid". KP was the MC ("O RLY?"); the other panelists included Sue Deer, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, Simba, Ronin, and Diane Duane's companion, whose name escapes me now. EDIT: That would be Peter Morwood. Thanks, dduane!

For those of you too young to remember it (or wise enough to have avoided gameshows), the Match Game segment went like this: kuddlepup would read aloud a question such as, "Registration this year was really fast. [AUDIENCE: "How fast was it???"] It was so fast, I got my conbadge before I even got _______."

The panelists then write down answers (my answer for that particular question was "con crud") while the contestant (a volunteer from the audience) thinks of one. For every panelist answer that matches the contestant's answer, they get a point. Of course, the answers have to be PG-rated, but the questions are all (or at least mostly) double-entendres, which is where the humor of the show comes from.

Whichever of two contestants wins the Match Game round, gets to go on to the Pyramid round. In this segment, the contestant chooses a panelist, who is then given a list of things they have to get the contestant to say. For example, if the answer is "Famous Sidekicks," the panelist might say, "Robin, Pinky, Tonto, Arthur, Incrediboy..." To win, you have to get 9 categories in 60 seconds -- which is hard! Unfortunately for kagur, when he chose me as the panelist, I got stumped on "Things That Begin With the Letter R" because my brain locked up and all I could think of was "Rolls Royce." Of course, now that I'm not under the gun I can come up with "ratchet, robe, rescue ranger, Road Runner" ... le sigh!

Still, it was a lot of fun, and KP invited me back next year. :) Alas, now lunchtime is over, so back to work for me!

-The Gneech
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