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Do I Have a Cranky Doppleganger? 0.o

All day Sunday, people from various different groups in the con were coming up and apologizing to me for having been turned away from some party or other. Given that I didn't go to any parties at the con (or even attempt to), I find myself extremely curious as to what happened, as well as wondering who it was who actually did get turned away. But I must have been apologized to at least four times by four different people, including at least one Dorsai member.

Now, tonight, I'm informed by a friend that there is a personage of some stature in the furry community whom I've only ever spoken to once or twice that I recall, who is "shy in regards to you [because he] thought you were someone else and ended up offending you badly." To which my first response is, "Er ... me?" I have no memory of this event ... I have nothing but respect and admiration for the guy, in as far as I know of him, which admittedly isn't far.

I am actually a pretty hard guy to offend -- the number of people I can think of whom I actually dislike and will go out of my way to avoid can be counted on the fingers of one hand without using them all, and there is at least one person floating around the furry community who I stopped talking to for a while, then forgave and started talking to again after we hashed it out a bit.

So please, if you think you've somehow offended me, or knows someone who does, and they're bothered about it, please let them know that it probably isn't the case. I'm friendly! The people I know of that I actually dislike feel pretty much the same way about me, I think, so if you aren't somebody who dislikes me (and if you are, why are you wasting your time reading my LJ?), then please feel free to say hello!

-The Gneech
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