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Workout Report, Plus Art!

Tonight: 45 minutes of DDR. I'm amazed at how high our scores were, actually, considering that the back buttons don't work.

And now for some artwork!

Spiritwolf Makes a Sadface

One of the many ways that the Westin sucked was that on Sunday, when Vince, Himura, Lanny, Bauske, Confused00 and I all planned to workout in the Westin gym, I was foolish enough to assume that being "a guest of the guest" would be enough.

Not only was it not enough, but the guy snapped at me like I was trying to steal towels or something for daring to show up when I wasn't a hotel customer.

Keep in mind here, that they have day-pass rates -- which I didn't know at the time. He could have said, "That'll be $8 please." But no, he was too busy being a jerk about it. (Lanny also says that the weekend rates are supposed to be free -- which makes the guy's behavior even more bizarrely inexplicable.)

So, I get four apologies from people for getting turned away from a party I didn't even try to attend, but get my head snapped off by the Westin gym guy without even so much as an "I beg your pardon."

Life is weird.

Anyway, I felt bad about the whole thing, so I told Lanny I draw him a sketchie to make up for it.

-The Gneech

PS: Yes, I know, I could have lied and just said, "Yeah, sure, I have a room at the hotel." But (A) I don't like to do that kind of thing, and (B) it didn't even occur to me that I would need to! The Westin is supposed to be this swank hotel -- they've got no business not allowing people to bring guests to the gym. It's just cheesy. But I suppose after the "I'll fix your door when I get around to it" and the "you can't get there from here" stairwells, I should have just gone in assuming the worst.
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