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Yerf Pick of the Day

For a while, I was seeing various folks on my friends list post "VCL Pick of the Day" links; I can't look at VCL while I'm at work, however, but thankfully Yerf lives again. :) And as I want to get back into sprucing up my art a bit (it's been kinda sub-par lately) I am attempting to get back into studying other people's work for both techniques and inspiration. So I'm going to try to post a Yerf Pick of the Day on a semi-regular basis.

Because I haven't been actually looking at Yerf for the past month and had a lot to catch up on (Hey, I been busy!), today I'm actually going to do a two-fer.

Happy Owl by Lyosha
Squeeably cute, and mighty nice marker work. Those eyes rock.

Lemurs by Nevar
Holy CRAP is that nice color work! I completely missed this one at the artshow. It looks like color pencil, with possibly some pastels mixed in? I could get lost in that fur!

-The Gneech
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