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Stuff I Owe People!

Hey, everybody! I'm trying to update my Too-Much-To-Do List, and that includes commissions and cameos that are currently languishing in development heck. So, I'm making a list here and I'm depending on people to tell me if I've forgotten them!

Badge for Mako (will do tonight)
Badge for Mooncat
Biz. cards for Mammallamadevil
Character portrait for Rose
Proper double-aspect badge/icons for Kamau
Badge for Rory I did this one already! I wonder if I ever got paid for it. 0.o
Badge for JadedFox
TBD commish for Pholph (FC 2006 room party door prize)
TBD commish for Spiked Punch (two years plus and counting, dude!)

3 for Wesha! =:o I'm going to have to do "Wesha week" or something.
Commander Kitsune

"Ask Carpe Diem!" page
CD annual story
Prismacolor holders to Milgrove

Does anybody know of stuff I've missed here?

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