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Nicked from galish

I escaped from the Dungeon of The Gneech!

I killed Calikat the kobold, Tchall the kobold, Silussa the rat, Xoagray the leprechaun, Bigtig the floating eye and Camstone the kobold.

I looted a Figurine of Xianjaguar, the Sword of Plonq, the Sword of Mission Style, a Figurine of Russ Da Roo, the Amulet of the Prisoner, the Shield of Yog-sothothery, the Shield of Confusedoo, a Figurine of Kevinpease, the Amulet of Heroic Fantasy, the Sceptre of Chriscrosby and 49 gold pieces.

Score: 224

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Actually, I remember seeing the Figurine of Kevinpease in the art show at AnthroCon.

-The Gneech
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