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Fits of Enthusiasm

I get fits of enthusiasm; I expect most artistic-types are like this, at least to some extent. Right now, my fits of enthusiasm seem to be centered around painting and modeling miniatures. If I had time and money to spend on it, I'd start building a Wood Elf army for Warhammer, or possibly pick up some of the LotR boxed sets.

Playing the game would be fun too. ;) But it's the craft involved that's got my attention at the moment. Instead of model railroading, I'm all eager to get into model fantasy gaming.

But, for better or worse, I don't have the time and money to spend on it. I'm picking up a few bargains off of eBay, but as it is I have a bunch of trees and rocks that are still painted black because I couldn't continue working on them while I was at AC.

I blame Celedras. Because I was so into playing the character, I wanted a miniature that was just right -- which I have, but the search for it (and getting back into the mindset to hone my skills and paint him halfway decently) led me to the Reaper minis site, the Games Workshop site, tons of individual painter galleries, and so on -- and they're full of cool stuff!

Maybe I can squeeze in a couple of hours on it this weekend, when I'm not either doing laundry or bent over the drawing board.

-The Gneech
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