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Illogical, Illogical, All Units Relate, All Units, Norman Coordinate

Okay ... so.

Word thinks that right hand pages are even, unlike the rest of the world. Okay, fine. So if I want a section to start on the right hand page, it needs to have a "New Section: Even Page."

*inserts that*

Okay. That worked on this section.

*inserts it again for the next part*

Why doesn't it work on this section?

*looks ... everything's identical, and should work, but doesn't*

Okay, I'll insert a hard page break. It's an awful kludge, but I'm on a deadline, here!

*inserts a hard page break, and the section STILL starts on the wrong page*

Um. Fine, I'll come back to that. Meanwhile, I need to change the page numbering so that this section starts with Page 1.

*finds the page number setting in Insert > Page Number and sets it to "1"*

Why does it say this section starts on Page 3?

*goes into Insert > Page Number ... it's still set to "1"*

It still says this is Page 3. Maybe it's because of that hard page break, which doesn't fix the problem anyway.

*takes that out ... page number still says "3"*

You know, I think I've lost my ability to get irritated about this ... I've reached a strangely peaceful calm ... the resigned fatalism of a death-row inmate or a bug caught in a spider's web...

*hangs a sign over his cubicle that reads, "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Use M$ Weird"*

I think I'll just go mad now, and get it over with.

-The Gneech
Tags: i.t., rant, work

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