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Yerf Pick of the Day

Didn't have any for the past few days, 'cause there wasn't that much new content being uploaded. But there's a bunch of new stuff today, so you get some bonus picks!

One of THOSE Mornings by Mary Lai
Wow, that was me all over on Monday. Great touch of humor without being too over-the-top. :)

Kimono Kitten by Shelly Rodriguez
D'Aww! This one belongs on splodefromcute. I particularly like the eyes, and the way the backdrop captures the feel (although it looks more Chinese than Japanese, to my admittedly untutored eye).

Hedgie by Brian Yee
Brian Yee does great expressions and has a very appealing toony style. This particular piece creates a great sense of character. "Before I kill you Mr. Bond..."

-The Gneech

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