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Paint, Paint, Paint the Paladin

Going in late this morning enabled me to get the day's drawing done before work, which is always nice; that in turn freed up my evening enough to almost finish painting the "upgrade" fig for camstone's paladin in jamesbarrett's game.

The fig is actually Isildur from the Lord of the Rings line, but he makes a pretty good paladin. We'll just assume that the flanges on his helmet are emblems of Pelor rather than the White Tree emblems on the crown of Gondor, right? ;)

Camstone described Baylor as having more or less permanent five-o'clock-shadow, which I tried to get across on the fig but it's pretty hard to do, especially when there's already a beard sculpted onto the face. The net result looks a little bit like Ringo Starr, but actually I kinda like that.

In fact, I'm pretty happy with how the figure(s) came out overall, with one minor thing -- I realized as I was half-way through painting it that I had meant to sculpt some flames onto the sword with Milliput, as Baylor has a magical flaming sword, but had forgotten to before I started painting. Unfortunately, I can't really go back and work with putty after the painting is started without ruining the paint job -- residue and stray bits from the putty get all over the place.

This leaves me with the choice of finishing the fig as is with no flaming sword, or adding the flames tomorrow night and then touching up the paint job after the putty dries. Honestly, I'm not really happy with either option. I painted the sword a shining white-silver with gold trim to suggest a particularly fancy weapon ... I also thought of painting the blade yellow-orange, but I figured that would just make it look like a toy.

And of course, it's a matched set, so what I do to the one, I'll want to do to the other.

Pfui. I guess I'll just have to see how I feel about it tomorrow. camstone, if you have an opinion on the matter, let me know!

Meanwhile, it's bedtime.

-The Gneech

EDIT: Hold the phone! I just thought of an alternative technique that might do the job just as well as Milliput, without getting schmutz all over the figure! I've started an experiment creating a "flaming" toothpick, which I'm going to let dry overnight. If it looks okay in the morning, I'll use the same technique on the Baylor fig. SET CHEER = WOOHOO!
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