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No "Dizzy Dame" Jokes, Please

This new prescription seems to mess with Laurie's equilibrium; she had another dizzy spell this morning, so she had to go lay down for a bit and we got in late for work again. So we'll work through lunch or something to make up the time. Meanwhile, she's gonna call her doctor and find out what's the deal prescribing something that makes her inner ear go nuts.

On the other hand, this had the side-effect of giving me the time I needed to finish the Baylor figs, flaming swords and all. All they need now is the protective coat, but I'm not going to do that with the Armory crud; I'm going to hit a model shop on the way home and pick up something that doesn't suck for the purpose.

That does lead me to wonder -- are flames glossy, or matte? Hmm.

Once that's done, I suspect I'll have had my fill of the current "Paint Miniatures!" fit for a little while. It's been cool and fun, but there are other things that require my attention, and other enthusiasms to be indulged in. Probably this weekend I'll post some photos of the Baylor fig and one or two others I've been doing in this batch.

I've got other figs I'd like to paint, but none of them are urgent for actual in-game use any time soon. As the time gets closer to actually use them, I imagine I'll pull 'em out and finish 'em up.

-The Gneech
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