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Just Back From Gaming

Gotta run off to bed, but I just felt like popping in here to mention that I just got back from running Session Two of what is probably the most relentlessly pound-on-the-PCs D&D adventure I've ever cooked up, and tonight, the players were doing most of the pounding! All of the encounters in the adventure range from "tough" to "ohmyGAWD" -- but many of them can be circumvented or at least made a bit less frightening with some forethought.

However, there is one encounter that is worth mentioning. This evening's Come Into My Parlor award for a player character just walking into disaster of their own free will goes to jamesbarrett who, instead of leaving the gray ooze alone, insisted on running up to the thing and whacking it with his prized +1 ghost touch dwarven waraxe ... may it rest in pieces.

Gray oozes, for those not up on D&D lore, are just these blobs of living goo, that move incredibly slow and don't do much. The easiest way to defeat a gray ooze is to walk away from it. However, if you're absolutely intent on killing it for whatever reason, your best bet is to stand at the far end of the room and pepper it with arrows, because it has an incredibly caustic acid touch.

This particular ooze was just tucked away in a corner of the dungeon, not in an area where the characters had to go, just sorta lurking its oozey days away. Even once the characters disturbed it, and realized what it was, all they had to do was leave. It had a movement rate of 10' -- even the slowest of them is twice as fast as it is.

I will applaud Frisk for the roleplaying, there ... given his fighter character's personality, going up to the ooze and attacking it makes sense, even when the player knows that doing so has a fair chance of obliterating what was, in my magic-poor campaign, a very nice weapon -- particularly painful since the weapon in question was a family heirloom.

On the other hand, part of me is still blinking and wanting to say, "You do WHAT?"

Camstone did ease poor Frisk's pain a bit, by having his rogue "loan" Frisk's fighter a very nice magic sword. It doesn't quite replace his beloved axe ... but if he's gotta have a "not my axe" weapon, this is a good choice.

Unfortunately, we had to end the session in a cliffhanger ... Camstone's familiar is engulfed by a gelatinous cube and his rogue is caught in a corridor between two of the icky things ... with all the other characters (except for Frisk's mage) on the far side of still a third cube. Frisk's mage is still the prisoner of the boss villain, and likely to remain so for the rest of her soon-to-be-shortened life if the rest of the party doesn't succeed in rescuing her. Because we got started later than I wanted to, the characters didn't progress as far as I'd expected, so I may have to edit the stuff for the next section a bit. I'd like to finish this scenario next weekend, so it doesn't have another lag while I'm at Dragon*Con.

I am enjoying this game tremendously. The more the characters manage to defeat everything I throw at them, the higher I keep raising the odds -- and still they keep beating them! These guys have earned their victories.

And, of course, still tougher fights the next time...

I'm proud of my players. :)

Anyway, that's it for tonight. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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