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Ray Harryhousen, Guest Muse

Last night, I had a dream with script and special effects by Ray Harryhousen. It was nifty. :)

Unfortunately, I've lost most of the details to wakefulness now, but I remember a henchman saying "My thirst is that of a thousand men!" and I also remember a charging stop-motion minotaur.

I'm sorry to report, graveyardgreg, that it was him or me. In three swipes of my big ol' battleaxe, I clanged him on the head with the flat of the blade to stop his charge, chopped his legs out from under him at the knees, and then buried the head of the axe between his shoulderblades. Even a stop-motion minotaur is mighty scary when he's coming straight at you!

The demons of the underworld from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger also made an appearance, but mostly as a lurking threat in the background.

The basic plot was that I was the only survivor of a shipwreck on a monster-overrun island, where there were ruins of a sprawling castle/city that went down one cliffside and had a bridge that spanned to another cliffside. It looked sorta like Dracula's Castle from Van Helsing, transported to the South China Sea.

Harryhousen's Island

The plot, in a nutshell, was that I had to fight or stealth my way past the monsters, find a boat and at least five other castaways, and escape the island. By the time I woke up, I think I had four other guys with me and we were doing serious boat-searching, figuring that when we found the boat, the fifth guy probably wouldn't be far away.

The interesting thing was, I somehow knew that this was just "Part One" of a two part story -- the second part was that after we managed to get back to civilization, I was supposed to organize an expedition to return to the island, explore the ruins, and recover the treasures hidden within ... which would entail finding out why the ruins were there and what had happened to cause the monster infestation. So who knows, maybe I'll have that dream sometime, too.

As for why I had this particular dream, I'm not sure. No doubt it was influenced by Pirates of the Caribbean (particularly the "cannibal island" sequences) ... I also suspect that part of it is because Ray Harryhousen is going to be at Comic-Con and I'm hoping to get his autograph.

-The Gneech
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