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Khent Devto [gaming]

This is my new character for the Star Wars game Laurie is going to try to run. She's basically taking over my game, at least for now, figuring that a low-level game will be easier for her to learn with than the high-level thing with Shradha would be. As much as I like Shradha and will miss playing him, I'll gladly make a new character for the chance to play something. (I did think about playing a 2nd-level Farghul Jedi ... but decided not to be quite so repetitive. Maybe if this game gets up to high enough level, I'll retire this character and play Shradha from there on instead. We'll see.)

Khent Devto, Human Jedi Guardian 1/Force Adept 1

Str 10, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 10, Force Points: 3

Init: +2 (Dex); Def: 16 (+2 Dex, +4 class); VP/WP: 22/14; Rep: +1; BAB: +1

Saves: Fort +5 (+2 Con, +3 class); Ref +5 (+2 Dex, +3 class); Will +4 (+1 Wis, +3 class)

Skills: Balance +4 (+2 ranks, +2 Dex), Battlemind +7 (+5 ranks, +2 Con), Climb +3 (ranks), Craft (lightsaber) +2 (+1 rank, +1 Int), Heal Self +3 (ranks), Intimidate +3 (ranks), Jump +4 (ranks), Knowledge (Jedi lore) +2 (+1 rank, +1 Int), Move Object +4 (+3 ranks, +1 Int), Sense Motive +2 (+1 rank, +1 Wis), Treat Injury +2 (+1 rank, +1 Wis), Tumble +6 (+4 ranks, +2 Dex), Speak/Write Basic

Feats: Alter, Control, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Quickness, Weapon Finesse (lightsaber), Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, primitive, simple)

Special Abilities: Deflect (Defense +1) (p. 61)

Equipment: lightsaber (+3, 2d8, crit 19-20), comlink, Cr 200

Khent Devto, a child from Dantooine, had been a padawan for barely four months; a training accident sent him to a nearby medical facility with a broken arm earlier on the day that Order 66 was issued and the Jedi Order was wiped out. A swift-thinking nurse at the medical facility fled the planet quickly, taking the confused and protesting Khent with her; eventually she managed to find safe haven for him on Alderaan under the watchful eye of Bail Organa.

On Alderaan, Khent was raised as a Ward of the Castle, a well-funded and highly respected public orphanage, carefully keeping his past and connection with the Jedi Order a secret. He couldn't prevent his abilities from developing somewhat as he grew (thus giving him the Force Adept level), but he never actively attempted to cultivate them (which is why he is only second level). In time, he found his way into the Rebel Alliance, where he served as a trooper and guard at several bases including Yavin (but not Hoth). During his service there, he had occasion to work with Luke Skywalker from time to time, but Khent had suppressed his Jedi past and forcibly ignored his connection to the Force so long, that Skywalker never noticed or suspected a thing -- and Khent was happy to keep it that way. The utter and inexplicable betrayal of Order 66 had left Khent paranoid, where Jedi matters were concerned.

After the destruction of the second Death Star, Luke Skywalker arranged for the creation of a new Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. When this happened, Khent had a kind of epiphany, with memories of his early training flooding forth and nearly demanding that he resume the calling of his very early youth. When this happened, Khent stepped forward, told Luke his story, and was accepted for training almost immediately.

With his minor but significant "head start," Khent has progressed rapidly, and shows promise of continuing to do so. The very early conditioning he underwent as a padawan has made his mind receptive to the Force, even despite two decades of ignoring it. He takes his role as a one of the new Jedi very seriously, eagerly absorbing any and all Jedi lore he can come across. He has even started regrowing a padawan's braid, although he is sometimes amused by seeing a reminder of his childhood framed by a mature adult's face in the mirror.

Khent is earnest and straightforward by nature, but this has been tempered by twenty years of living in hiding. He's still "re-learning" what his actual self is, after so many years of pretending to be anything but, and can sometimes be indecisive or muddled because of it. With time and some experience under his belt, however, he will very probably become a strong and worthy Jedi Knight.

-The Gneech
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