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Good Night, San Diego!

Well, our first day of San Diego Comic-Con. My impression?

Holy carp, that's a big con! All we did today, once we'd gotten to the trolley and rode down to the convention center, was to register (which was fast and easy) and go to through the Exhibitor's Hall (which was slow and tortuous). There was a lot of cool and beautiful stuff, but ... wow. Pain. Rudeness. Sweat. It's ironic that the con that has everything you could want to see, you can't get close enough to see anything. While wandering around the room we encountered Albert Temple and Eric Light, and I got to meet Ryan Smith (creator of "Funny Farm").

We had dinner with mammallamadevil and saw her off in a taxi to head back home. Then we snuck into the back of the Keenspot panel, where we met Raemonde and Nekomimikun, as well as finally encountering Vince instead of playing phone tag. I got to speak to Gav briefly as well, for the first time since Dragon*Con 2000. Once that had broken up, we headed back to the hotel, partially on foot and partially on the trolley.

Not sure how I feel about Comic-Con. Dragon*Con is huge, but still manageable ... Comic-Con is even more hugerer, and you're trying to operate on the same field as the displays from DC Comics, Sony International, and so forth.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. I told the Keenspot folks I'd try to be around the table some, but beyond that ... who knows?

-The Gneech

PS: Owie, owie, feet and back, owie.

PPS: From dduane: Classic Trek Goes to Camelot! *snerk!*
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