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Lord, What Fools These Wizards Be

However else I may feel about Comic-Con, something rare and wondrous did happen there: I got to actually read a book! *throws confetti* I realize that doesn't sound like much, but if you knew (a) how much I love to read, and (b) how little reading I've been able to do since 1998, you'd understand what a big deal it actually is.

The book in question was The Wizard Lord by Lawrence Watt-Evans, the first in a new series. It's not the first book of his I've read ... that would be The Misenchanted Sword, which I read in a previous life. The Wizard Lord was enjoyable enough, but the main thing that struck me about it was that I compared it to my own book, and came to the conclusion that my own book --while still needing some fleshing out and a bit of polish-- is just as good, and may actually be better in spots.

It was an interesting revelation. Lawrence Watt-Evans is an established, professional novelist with something like 15 books under his belt. He's not the headliner that somebody like Terry Brooks or Neil Gaiman is, perhaps, but he's a good, solid writer with a respectable career. The main thing he's got that I haven't, is fifteen finished, published books.

I could have fifteen finished, published books if I put as much work into it as I have into my comics. As it is, I have several large chunks and ideas for more that just need sustained attention.

So yeah ... it's time to start putting some serious work into that.

-The Gneech
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