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laurie_robey ran the first session of her (formerly my) Star Wars game last night. It was a fairly straightforward "rescue the Alliance agent from a hostile planet" kind of scenario with a twist: the Alliance agent was sitting in the bar when we got to the world, but we had to go rescue the intelligence data she'd been collecting, which was still in the powerless wreck of her ship. So we decided to grab a portable generator from our own ship's locker, rent a speeder, and get out there as quick as possible.

Of course, as this was Ord Mantell, there were bounty hunters to deal with. The first pair of mooks was easy to deal with ... "Lightsaber out, lop his gun in half, roll 24 on Intimidate. Yeah, they're leaving." The later encounters with bounty hunters were either brief in passing, or completely nonexistent. Apparently they decided that the price on the Alliance agent's head wasn't worth the risk of having to deal with the reinforcements that came for her.

Mantellian savripThe next part of the adventure was more or less a random encounter. We found the ship's crash site only to discover that the ship wasn't there any more! It had been dragged off by a local gang of ne'er-do-wells apparently, so we camped nearby with the intention of tracking down the ship in the morning. During the night we were set upon by a "Mantellian savrip," a big, blue, dumb-as-a-rock bipedal predator. To represent the beastie, Laurie used a LotR cave troll figure, which was pretty close to perfect, actually. Naturally, "they have a cave troll" jokes followed.

Savrip from the movies.Random Tangent: Whattya know! The savrip was in the movies. Neat. :)

Anyway, as the party tank, I figured it was time for me to step up to the plate. The savrip attacked Martin (jamesbarrett's scoundreley-pilot) first, mainly because Martin was awake and on watch at the time. It tried to grapple him a few times but fortunately missed (I'm sure it had a wicked grapple check); while it was doing that I spent my first couple of actions buffing up with Enhance Ability and Battlemind. Then I went over to it and started carving it up with my lightsaber.

This, naturally, distracted the beastie. It started attacking me, giving Martin the cover he needed to back off and blaze away with his blaster. It hit me with the grab attack but then, thanks to a lucky roll on my part (and a weak roll on its), failed to start the grapple. I followed that up with a beautifully-timed critical hit -- we figured that what happened was that it grabbed me and I lopped its arm off, which is why the grapple check failed. It scooped up its own arm and started trying to pummel me senseless with it, but only managed to hit me with it once IIRC. This was followed up by Rumzhin (hantamouse's fearful lil' squib) taking the thing down with his tiny sporting blaster, which amused all of us to no end. ;)

Rendezvous at Ord Mantell map.At this point, dawn was nearly on us so tracked down the missing ship, secreted away in a kind of mesa-like crater fortress. Not having any real plan we pretty much decided on the direct approach, climbing up a set of stone stairs that led to the top. Fortunately, their security was extremely lax, so when a pair of guards popped out of a hidden post, they were quickly dispatched by Martin, Rhumzin, and Renci (the Alliance agent). Alas, I was not much use in that fight; I attempted to use Move Object to bring a few rocks down on their heads, but I rolled a 1 and ended up just burning VP to no effect. Next round, I would have broken down and pulled out the blaster pistol, but it was over by then anyway. The guards inside the mesa, apparently caught up in their game of fizzbin, completely failed to hear their comrades getting blasted to bits.

Once at the top of the crater, we decided to send down Martin and Rumzhin, on the grounds that they were any good at sneaking, while I was not. Martin got into the ship's cockpit without incident, but the guards suddenly became a lot more alert, as they spotted Rumzhin and got quite upset about the idea of a squib come to rummage through all their carefully-salvaged junk.

In order to provide cover for the guys down below, I popped up at this point, lightsaber in hand, and started yelling and carrying on. I may not be able to sneak, I figured, but I can sure as heck provide a distraction! They quite obligingly started shooting at me, but the range and my lightsaber deflection (plus using the Total Defense maneuver) basically made it impossible for them to actually hit me. Renci took a few potshots at them in return, actually hitting a few times.

While all this was going on, Martin and Rumzhin started using their Mad Repair Skillz to get the ship powered-up and flyable. After giving us all a round to "DUCK!!!" Martin took off straight up out of the crater; I put up the lightsaber and pulled out my blaster and Renci and I provided cover fire so Rumzhin could get up out of the mesa, and we all legged it.

At that point, it was pretty much over. We got back to the main settlement, spent the rest of the day getting Renci's ship spaceworthy, and skedaddled.

Laurie expressed some regret on the way home that she hadn't had the bounty hunters show up again, or included the scavengers' leader (whose appearance in the adventure-as-written was negated by the events as they played out) to make it more challenging. But given that this is something like the fourth game session she's ever run (maybe fifth?), I think she did quite a good job. I had a bit of feedback for her based on my own particular playing style (I'm something of the Storyteller/Method Actor of the group, to use the Robin Laws player types, so I always want more NPC interaction for instance), but she was certainly as good as any other GM I've played with, and miles beyond some (the guy running Conan at Dragon*Con comes to mind).

So a good time was had by all. Woohoo! I'm looking forward to her running some more.

-The Gneech
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