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OOP and the Evil, Knee-Eating Table

On lunchbreak here on the second day of ASP.NET training; we're very stealthily sneaking up on the whole Object Oriented Programming thing ... we've created our first Class and Methods within it, as well as discussing the whole Instance/Object concept. So far it's largely been review for me, although learning the specifics of how this is all done in Visual Studio has been interesting. It's all quite cool. :)

My lunch order from Zippy's arrived ... apparently they were under the impression that I asked for an onion sandwich with roast beef. X.x So my neighbors are gonna hate me. As I settled down to eat it, I discovered to my chagrin that I'd chosen the Evil, Knee-Eating Table ... I imagine the other students were wondering why I was writhing and pounding on the table in silent agony. Eventually, when I could see, breathe, and speak again, I managed to croak out an explanation around pained gasps.

Stupid trick knee. :P

Anyway, I have just enough time to scoot across the street to Starbucks, so off I go! Maybe a mint mocha frappuccino will counter the Onions From Hell.

-The Gneech
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