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Erf! (Revisited)

I was exhausted, crashed, slept some, and rebooted. Once that was done, I managed to finally get some drawing done and get katayamma's package together that I've meant to send him for a week and a half now.

T-shirt maven mammallamadevil has informed me that the t-shirt vendor managed to get yellow out of his printer after all -- why he didn't do that the first time around, I don't know, but the current hope is that he can get a batch of yellow done and sent directly to Plan Nine in time for Dragon*Con. If not, we'll go with the green in the meantime.

Scott's guest strips will probably come to a close next week, which means SJ will start up while I'm at D*C. I wanted to have a new site design that would launch the same day, but I don't think it's gonna happen. RL had other, noticeably less pleasant plans for me.

Damn you, real life. You win this time. But someday I WILL redesign the SJ site to not suck!

Oh, I witnessed a traffic accident today. No injuries, thank goodness, but I did give my name and number to the people involved and have a voice mail from a lawyer about it; I'll have to call them back tomorrow.

Ah well, it's bedtime. At least I accomplished a few things today, which is a nice change.

We had quite an adventure today, didn't we, Hamtaro? And tomorrow will be even better!

G'nite. :)

-The Gneech

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